HAMAS or NETANYAHU Who is to Blame

ISRAEL : In the Latest Development came up as a shocker that Israel Government received threat alert at least 10days before the HAMAS Attack , If the source to be believed (Who reveal the information on non disclosure of his identity to news agencies ) told if at all the threat had been taken seriously,Thousands of innocent Israeli life’s would not have been lost.

Note ,It is confirmed that more than 1200 Israelis have lost their life’s and thousands of innocent Israelis are injured in the terror attack by HAMAS who rained more than 5000 deadly rockets from air,land and sea on Israel.

Israeli Media is demanding NETANYAHU’s resignation for the failure of defending the life’s of innocent Israel’s. They are questioning the Government that how can the world’s most advanced IDF ( Israel Defence Forces ) and World Most Deadly intelligence agency popularly known as MOSSAD failed to eliminate the threat when they can carry a mission to eliminate the threat anywhere in the world but failed to save thousands of Israelis lifes with in the country.

Although all the Israeli politicians are together for fight against terror attack,NETANYAHU who earlier this year faced historic protests as he tried to Overhaul Judical Rulings ( Tried to bring a amendment to overturn the Supreme Court Decision) is facing criticism as he is facing CORRUPTION Charges on him was mostly busy cleaning his records ignoring the immediate threat,

Some of the unfriendly Nations are also showing speculation that thousands of Israeli life have been sacrificed for diversion of the internal political threat NETANYAHU is facing.

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